Affective capitalism

I am happy to announce that Affective capitalism – special issue for ephemera – theory & politics in organization vol 16 no 4 2016 has been published. It was a pleasure to collaborate with ephemera and edit this special issue with Lotta Kähkönen, Mona Mannevuo, Mari Pajala and Tanja Sihvonen. The issue includes texts from fantastic authors such as Gregory J. Seigworth, Tony Sampson and Annamari Vänskä. Here is the abstract for the issue:

Affective capitalism is understood in this special issue as a mode of production where systems of organising production and distribution rely on the capacities of different bodies, human and non-human, to encounter each other. These encounters and different modes of capital that emerge are surrounded by a vast array of technologies of production, capture, valorisation, commodification and transformation. Affective capitalism appeals to our desires, it needs social relationships, and organises and establishes them. The theme issue offers a variety of theoretical approaches to analysing formations of affect in contemporary capitalism. The issue includes ten essays that address ways of capturing affect in different contexts, such as debt, media and popular culture, brain research, humanitarianism, and pedagogy.



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