Recently I have been fascinated with the face. I have an article manuscript in the making that will focus on face on Facebook. For this paper I have been reading really interesting stuff from Charles Darwin’s book on emotional expressions (first Facebook, anyone?) to new technologies of image recognition and of course about selfies and especially about the duck-face. Interestingly the current research on selfies (that has expanded during the recent years) seems to lack a proper definition of the selfie or is replaced by a description of the techniques of taking one. For example, pouting one’s lips into an unnatural position generates the duck-face. Interestingly, one could draw parallels between selfies on social media and the experiments by Benjamin Duchenne in 1800. Darwin was inspired by Duchenne who tried to create particular expressions by using an electrical device, which would shock the facial muscles into gestures such as a smile.

Images that inspired Darwin’s emotional expression research.


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