Project Capitalism

Since the beginning of January I have been working with a notoriously named short-term project Capitalism, funded by the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies in University of Turku. This project is founded on an on-going Capitalism book club (organized by Mari Pajala, Mona Mannevuo, Lotta Kähkönen and me among others) that has been reading texts from authors such as Marx, Lazzarato, Terranova, Gregg, Thrift, Lash and Eagleton for the past few years. The aim of the project is to understand current tendencies in contemporary capitalism and trace some of its novel movements.

In this context I am writing two papers. The first discusses the relation between algorithmic trading and social media. In a paper which I am co-authoring with Kate Crawford (MSR) we argue that different big data based predictions are currently producing financial realities. The second paper is co-authored with Kate Crawford and Jessa Lingel (MSR) and it looks at wearable technologies and how they quantify and capitalize users. Both of these projects are mapping a field of capitalism that is just emerging or recently emerged and gaining significant cultural importance.

The project Capitalism will also organize an international symposium at the University of Turku this summer titled Affective Capitalism. More details about the symposium as well as forthcoming papers will follow in the near future.




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