World of the News. Peer-reviewed newspaper.

November 2011, I participated on In/compatibility PhD workshop in Berlin. It was organized in the context of transmediale 2012 by Digital Aesthetics Research Center/Center for Digital Urban Living (Aarhus University) in partnership with transmediale reSource for transmedial culture and Vilém Flusser Archive.

The epitome of this workshop was the World of the News peer-reviewed tabloid newspaper which was launched as a part of transmediale this year. I have two short texts there.

“Threat of Disconnection” (p. 5) discusses the role of threat in the emergence of the internet and especially in the writings of Paul Baran.

Instead of thinking accidents to be surprising failures that unexpectedly befall the machine, it is possible to see that machines are produced and molded against their typical accidents, as argued by Paul Virilio (211-212). For example, cars are designed to avoid and survive road accidents, ships are designed to avoid from sinking, and a network is designed to avoid disconnection.

There is also a short intervention to the philosophy of sports (Baruch Gottlieb and I decided that a newspaper needs sport pages). “The Finnish Flash” (p.29) text is a quick outline of how ice hockey and Deleuzean philosophy might have a relation. I had fun writing this.

As a singular event, scoring a goal resembles a strike of lighting. According to a French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, a flash of lighting differentiates: “Lightning [..] distinguishes itself from the black sky but must also trail it behind, as though it were distinguishing itself from that which does not distinguish itself from it. It is as if the ground rose to the surface, without ceasing to be ground.” (36)

The newspaper has many excellent texts from various authors all dealing with the theme of  in/compatibility. You can download the newspaper free from here:


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