Into the Diagram workshop

I had the opportunity to join the Into the Diagram workshop. The concept is extremely interesting:

Into the Diagram is a workshop/event exploring all kinds of dia/gramming, especially diagrams, maps, biograms, indeed many kinds of grams. We’re interested in the practice and philosophy of diagrams and related things. There will be parallel workshops primarily in Sydney and Aarhus, Denmark, but we hope also in other cities (for example, our friends at Senselab in Montréal), that we hope will have points of contact on December 13-14 (and 15-16 in Sydney).

Unfortunately I did not have time to set up a proper reading group in Finland for this. Hence I am only a part of  the international / online section of this workshop and will collaborate virtually as much as possible.

This is the diagram I posted for the first task:

It might look a bit unconventional ‘diagram’, but then again I think it fits well into a deleuzean definition of what is a diagram.

What can we call such a new informal dimension? On one occasion Foucault gives it its most precise name: it is a ‘diagram’, that is to say a ‘functioning, abstracted from any obstacle […] or friction [and which] must be detached from any specific use’. 18 The diagram is no longer an auditory or visual archive but a map, a cartography that is coextensive with the whole social field. It is an abstract machine. It is defined by its informal functions and matter and in terms of form makes no distinction between content and expression a discursive formation and a non-discursive formation. It is a machine that is almost blind and mute, even though it makes others see and speak. (Deleuze, Foucault p. 34)

Basically my diagram tries to describe both the human and non-human intensities of network culture. You can read my post for the Into the Diagram blog here.



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